Avocado Mallorca, we are a healthy and fresh food company with a healthy and gluten-free delivery service. Our team is made up of a team of young pioneers with a vision with a single denominator: unprocessed food, gluten-free and with a vegan option.












The thinker and creator of this adventure, Leonardo Simoni, was born in the Veneto region, Italy. After finishing his gastronomy studies at the University of Venice, he began to travel the world to discover new things, such as different cuisines from all over the planet.



This adventurous Chef put the knowledge that he had acquired through his travels and experiences into his grandfather's garden and into the preparation of each dish that he would make with his own food.



Thus, thinking about the natural and rich flavors of his adolescence in Italy, which his grandfather passed on to him, and with respect for nature and his environment, he developed what we call Avocado today.

The Avocado menu is studied and balanced, giving value to healthy gluten-free food so that we can all enjoy it from our home or favorite place.


Our beautiful premises are located on the main avenue of Cala Mayor. In addition, all the decoration is made by themselves from the vertical garden, lamps, swing, tables, to the furniture..

We hope to see you soon and that you enjoy this very original space with us!

Come visit us!